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The first release by SECOND FUNCTION in 5 years. The song revolves around a metaphorical journey of self-discovery and growth, leading down unknown paths. Together, challenges are confronted, reflections on both the past and the future take place, and the significance of togetherness is emphasized. Despite difficulties and goals along the way, the determination exists to reach a safe harbor and inner peace. There is a strong commitment not to abandon the journey but to meet the companion at the destination. However, plans often do not unfold as intended.

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“Moonshine,” Second Function’s second release of 2023, revolves around legendary moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. The song honors the story of a rugged nonconformist with “liquid fire running through his veins”. It underscores Popcorn Sutton’s resolve to counter the “iron grip” of regulations with empathy, kindness and determination alike. The chorus reiterates the importance of the moonshine culture in testing societal boundaries and exploring alternative paths .


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Second Function experienced impressive moments during their travels across Europe, Japan, and Russia, as well as during recording studio sessions in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany. “Individuals” was released in 2018, showcasing the band’s musical evolution from divergent views to shared convictions. With their EP “Feed Yourself” in 2016, the Swiss rockers extensively toured Europe, opening for acts like Life of Agony (USA) and performing with bands such as Biffy Clyro (UK), Dog Eat Dog (USA), and Arcane Roots (UK). With over 300 concerts, including the Vans OFF the WALL Tour and the Greenfield Festival, they emphasize their insatiable hunger for music.

Renowned producers like Luk Zimmermann and John Mitchell worked on their albums “Time Stops Running” and “Dry, Crisp & Bittersweet.” The band embodies conviction, persistence, fun, and passion. During the COVID-19 hiatus, the band had to suspend their concerts. Nevertheless, they continued to write and record new songs. In early 2023, marking the 15th anniversary of their debut album “Time Stops Running,” the three musicians decided to reunite with their original producer, Luk Zimmermann. As if no time had passed, they met with him in his studio in Bern to record new songs.

“The Driveway” was released in 2023 as the first single, marking the beginning of a creative phase that played into the artists’ hands in terms of songwriting. Alongside “The Driveway,” “Moonshine,” and “Patterns” were created during this special time. Together, these tracks form a new palette of songs characterized by their rawness, directness, and honesty, shining both on record and in live performances.

Further regular releases are planned for the year 2024.




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14.09.2024 Gaswerk Winterthur (ZH) with Radio Strange
10.06.2024 X-Tra Zürich (ZH) with Jane's Addiction (US)

31.05.2024 Open Air Badiwiese Aarburg (AG) with Skindred (UK), Sickret (CH)
20.04.2024 Hafenkneipe Zürich (ZH)
26.01.2024 Bruch Brothers Luzern (LU)
13.01.2024 Böröm pöm pöm Oberentfelden (AG) with The Three Sum, The Hunt

18.11.2023 Rock Am Gleis, Gleis 1 Greifensee (ZH)
16.09.2023 Röck’n’Röll Musikfestival (ZH)
26.04.2023 KFH Mascotte (ZH)
15.12.2022 Ebrietas Zürich (ZH)
30.07.2022 Fischtere Openair Hergiswil (LU)
05.03.2020 Kater Zürich (ZH)
02.11.2019 Gleis 1 Acoustic Show Nänikon (ZH)
28.09.2019 Safari Bar Zürich (ZH)
07.09.2019 Open Air Greifensee (ZH)
26.10.2018 Kulturwerk 118 Sursee (LU)
27.04.2018 One Love Charity Event Provitreff (ZH)
17.04.2018 Karaoke From Hell Mascotte (ZH)
02.11.2017 Tigra Gigs Acapulco Zürich (ZH)
07.10.2017 Grabenhalle St.Gallen (SG) with Disco Ensemble (FIN)
06.10.2017 KuFa Lyss (BE) with Disco Ensemble (FIN)
05.10.2017 Luzern Konzerthaus Schüür (LU) with Disco Ensemble (FIN)
03.10.2017 Rote Fabrik (ZH) with Disco Ensemble (FIN)
29.07.2017 Meet The Beat Festival Lottstetten
09.06.2017 Greenfield Festival (BE) w/ Green Day
31.05.2017 CCO Lyon (FR) w/ Life Of Agony
30.05.2017 Dynamo Zürich (ZH) w/ Life Of Agony
29.05.2017 Batschkapp Frankfurt (DE) w/ Life Of Agony
27.05.2017 Gonewild Garacho Special Show Frauenfeld (TG)
25.04.2017 Mascotte Zürich (ZH)
07.04.2017 Rock am Randen, Merishausen (SH)
28.01.2017 Böröm Pöm Pöm Oberentfelden (AG)
04.12.2016 X-Herford Herford (DE) w/ Life Of Agony
03.12.2016 Kantine Augsburg (DE) w/ Life Of Agony
01.12.2016 Zeche Bochum (DE) w/ Life Of Agony
30.11.2016 Garage Saarbrücken (DE) w/ Life Of Agony
18.11.2016 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg (DE) w/ Life Of Agony
29.10.2016 Hall Of Fame Wetzikon (CH) w/ Soil (USA)
25.08.2016 Sahara Bar Musikfestwoche Winterthur (ZH)
13.08.2016 Gruben Grooves Festival Oberstdorf (DE)
23.07.2016 Open Air Tells Bells Flüelen (UR)
22.05.2016 Koleso club Arkhangelsk (RU)
21.05.2016 Mayakovsky club Syktyvkar (RU)
20.05.2016 Malina Club Yoshkar-Ola (RU)
19.05.2016 Podval club Izhevsk (RU)
18.05.2016 Rock’s Cafe Ufa (RU)
17.05.2016 Metro club Saratov (RU)
15.05.2016 Marks club Voljsky (RU)
14.05.2016 Night Train club Moscow (RU)
13.05.2016 Zheleznuy Papa club Velikiy Novgorod (RU)
12.05.2016 Ulitka club St.Petersburg (RU)
19.04.2016 Mascotte Zürich (ZH)
19.03.2016 Club Academy Manchester (UK) w/ Life of Agony
18.03.2016 Slade Rooms Wolverhampton (UK) w/ Life of Agony
17.03.2016 Electric Ballroom London (UK) w/ Life of Agony
05.03.2016 Rockbunker Bremgarten (AG) with Midriff (AT)
24.01.2016 Backstage München (DE) with Life Of Agony
23.01.2016 Schlachthof Wiesbaden (DE) with Life Of Agony
22.01.2016 Huxleys Berlin (DE) with Life Of Agony
20.01.2016 Capitol Hannover (DE) with Life Of Agony
19.01.2016 Live Music Hall Köln (DE) with Life Of Agony
16.01.2016 Memphis Club, Zürich (ZH) w/Flash Forward (DE)
07.10.2015 Kofmehl Solothurn (SO) with Arcane Roots (UK)
06.10.2015 Eldorado Zürich (ZH) with Arcane Roots (UK)
03.09.2015 Kammgarn Schaffhausen (SH) with Dog Eat Dog (US)
29.08.2015 Streetparade Rock Show Safari Bar Zürich (ZH)
18.08.2015 Joiz TV
18.08.2015 Interview at Radio Inside
14.08.2015 EP Release Day
12.08.2015 Vans Store Acoustic Show Niederdorf (ZH)
05.08.2015 Interview at Radio SRF3 Rockspecial
09.08.2014 Sound Circle Festival Spreitenbach with Primal Fear
02.08.2014 Traditional SP Show Safari Zürich (ZH)
08.02.2014 Kulturfabrik Lyss with Skindred (UK) and Soil (US)
13.12.2013 Loud Special Night Kinski Zürich (ZH)
12.11.2013 Komplex Klub Zürich (ZH) with RED (USA)
18.10.2013 Selig Chur (GR) with Itchy Poopzkit (DE)
17.10.2013 Sommercasino Basel (BL) with Itchy Poopzkit (DE)
10.08.2013 Traditional SP Show Safari Zürich (ZH)
10.03.2013 Mascotte Zürich (ZH)
09.03.2013 Dataquest Apple Store Acoustic Show Bahnhofquai Zürich (ZH)
26.01.2013 Dynamo Grosser Saal Zürich with Skindred (UK)
26.12.2012 Abart Countdown – Unplugged Night with Redwood & Henchman
16.11.2012 Vans Tour – Tivoli De Helling Utrecht (NL) with Young Guns (UK)
15.11.2012 Vans Tour – Dynamo Zürich (CH) with Young Guns (UK)
14.11.2012 Vans Tour – Juha West Stuttgart (DE) with Young Guns (UK)
13.11.2012 Meisenfrei Bremen (DE)
11.11.2012 Four Rooms Leipzig (DE)
10.11.2012 Cat Ulm (DE)
09.11.2012 Kump Brilon (DE)
08.11.2012 Blue Shell Köln (DE)
07.11.2012 Sputnik Münster (DE)
06.11.2012 Kaiserkeller Hamburg (DE)
05.11.2012 Garage Deluxe München (DE)
03.11.2012 Böröm pöm pöm Oberentfelden (AG)
06.10.2012 Kulturwerk 118 Sursee (LU)
11.08.2012 Heitere Open Air Zofingen (AG)
30.06.2012 Zahara Winterthur (ZH)
29.06.2012 Albanifest Winterthur (ZH)
02.06.2012 Open Air Krach Am Bach Tägerwilen (TG)
05.05.2012 Härterei Zürich (ZH)
01.05.2012 Homerun, Joiz
07.04.2012 Kulturwerk 118 Sursee (LU)
06.04.2012 Coq d’or Olten (SO) with Arkanes (UK) **postponed**
30.03.2012 Barcamp Hohenems Vorarlberg (AT)
27.03.2012 Werk21, Zürich (ZH)
23.02.2012 Meisenfrei, Bremen (DE)
22.02.2012 Rocker, Hannover (DE)
19.02.2012 Kaiserkeller, Hamburg (DE)
18.02.2012 Crystal Club, Berlin (DE)
17.02.2012 Acoustic Session at Radio Alex Berlin (DE)
15.02.2012 Blue Shell, Cologne (DE)
14.02.2012 Sputnik Münster (DE)
07.02.2012 Karaoke From Hell Special Show (ZH)
10.01.2012 Mascotte, Zürich (ZH)
12.12.2011 Interview at Radio 32 (SO)
11.12.2011 Sommer Casino Basel (BS) with Sonic Boom six (UK)
10.12.2011 MET Bar Lenzburg (AG) with Stranded Heroes
03.12.2011 Interview at Radio Munot (SH)
29.11.2011 Interview at Radio Virus (ZH)
18.11.2011 Vans Acoustic Session Beach Mountain Store Zürich Niederdorf (ZH)
17.11.2011 Vans Acoustic Session Beach Mountain Store Bern (BE)
07.11.2011 Live Session at Radio Kanal K – Live Session
04.11.2011 Acoustic Session Dandee Gone Wild Shop Matzingen (TG)
02.11.2011 Interview at Radio Couleur 3
29.10.2011 CD-Release Show @ 15 Years Leech Records Festival Dynamo (ZH)
28.10.2011 Etage Club, Biel (BE) with Redwood
26.10.2011 Interview at Radio DRS3 Rockspecial
24.10.2011 Interview at Radio Inside
13.10.2011 Interview at Radio Top
06.10.2011 Pre-Release Show Supermarket Zürich (ZH)
03.09.2011 Openair Grienen (ZH)
13.08.2011 Traditional SP Show Safari Zürich (ZH)
30.07.2011 Freefly Festival Grenchen (SO)
16.07.2011 Open Circle Festival Spreitenbach (AG)
02.07.2011 Openair Wettingen (AG)
25.06.2011 Peter Pan Club Bellinzona (TI)
24.06.2011 Albanifest Winterthur (ZH)
14.06.2011 Abart Zürich (ZH) with Ash (UK)
31.05.2011 Das Bett Frankfurt (DE) with Twin Atlantic (UK)
23.05.2011 59:1 München (DE) with Twin Atlantic (UK)
22.05.2011 Comet Club Berlin (DE) with Twin Atlantic (UK)
21.05.2011 Zwölfzehn Stuttgart (DE) with Twin Atlantic (UK)
20.04.2011 Galery Pratteln (BS) with Carpark North (DK)
19.04.2011 Exil Zürich (ZH) with Carpark North (DK)
01.02.2011 KFH Special Show Mascotte Zürich (ZH)
25.11.2010 Faceclub Reading (UK) with Counterpoint (UK)
30.10.2010 Grabenhalle St.Gallen (SG) with Biffy Clyro (UK)
23.10.2010 Benefizveranstaltung Mehrzweckhalle Zofingen (AG)
14.08.2010 Traditional SP Safari Show Zürich (ZH)
24.07.2010 Rock am Bärg Büsserach (SO)
25.05.2010 Abart Music Club Zürich (ZH) ***with ASH (UK)*** –>Verschoben !!
26.01.2010 Karaoke From Hell Special Show Mascotte Zürich (ZH)
23.01.2010 COQ D’OR Opening Night Olten (AG)
24.11.2009 DRS 3 Virus Special
12.09.2009 Zak Jona (SG)
11.09.2009 OpenAir Ilnau (ZH)
22.08.2009 Openair Zuzwil (SG)
15.08.2009 Openair Liestal (BL)
08.08.2009 Traditional SP Safari Show (ZH)
01.08.2009 Feelgood festival Niedergösgen (SO)
04.07.2009 Gena Festival Avully (GE)
20.06.2009 Openair Montecarasso (TI)
08.06.2009 Härterei Zürich (ZH) with New Found Glory (USA)
30.05.2009 Riderbang Aadorf (TG)
09.05.2009 Kiff Aarau (AG)
30.04.2009 Walpurigsnacht Lottstetten (D)
09.04.2009 Burnrock Festival Gaskessel Biel (BE)
01.04.2009 Rote Fabrik Zürich (ZH) with Biffy Clyro (UK)
23.03.2009 Radio (SG)
04.03.2009 Rockspacial Radio DRS 3 (ZH)
18.02.2009 NAKANO MOON STEP (JP)
16.02.2009 IKEBUKURO CHOP (JP)
12.02.2009 SHIBUYA LUSH (JP)
09.02.2009 INAGE K’S DREAM (JP)
03.02.2009 KFH Special Show Mascotte Zürich (ZH)
23.01.2009 Online-Show

Left Column Background_edited.jpg
Left Column Background_edited.jpg

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